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minutes ago when she and jay-z came in. you just missed the introduction of former president bill clinton and secretary of state hillary clinton and former president jimmy carter and wife roslyn. we are just minutes away from the arrival of, of course, the vice president, jill biden, and the president and first lady and their family. it's exciting. it's electric. we've got great weather, especially compared to four years or so here, and i have to say before the program sort of settled in, i saw more collegiality on the platform in terms of members of congress, both democrats and republicans, commingling, glad handing each other, coming up to the front of the rail, if you will, looking at the crowd, taking pictures, if you will. now, if only we can bottle that for the rest of the time here in office. again, great to be back on this perch again. by the way, in all those inauguration facts that you could look up, the one i thought was kind of amazing, the platform behind me, 10,000 square feet at a cost of $1.2 million to hold about 1,600 vips. of course, all the members of congress, the jus
's a former clinton white house aide. we have mark simone, w.o.r. radio talk show host, and matt welch, reason magazine editor in chief. mark simone, do you think the republicans are burning up the track here? what is their message? >> they have no message. now, let me correct one thing you said. the democrats will never cut spending. wait till hagel gets in place there at the defense department. you're going to see some spending cuts. >> he's a republican. >> i stand corrected. >> he's a republican in name only. >> that's wonderful. >> the problem is there's no ronald reagan, there's no bill clinton, there's nobody to talk. you know, the average person thinks that we suddenly had a revenue shortfall and that's why we're running a deficit. they have no idea that we've got tons of revenue but that spending is at a ridiculous level now. 25% of gdp. it needs to get down to 17% of gdp. nobody has explained this to the public properly or convincingly. >> aunder your favorite presidet the debt has gone from roughly 10 trillion to 16 trillion. we just had the treasury numbers out yesterday. in fact,
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hillary clinton will testify before congress to answer questions about the terrorist attack on the u.s. diplomatic facilities in benghazi. today, ed roy says mrs. clinton will appear before the committee on wednesday, january 23rd. that's a week from this wednesday. >>> and more breaking news. now a source tells the associated press that lance armstrong has just admitted to taking performance enhancing drugs. he made that admission during an interview he's taping right now with oprah winfrey. that interview will air this thursday, once again, at 7:00 p.m. tour de france winner lance armstrong reportedly admits to using performance enhancing drugs to help him win those races. he has already been stripped of those titles. >>> all right. we move on, major step toward opening up cuba. cubans will be allowed to travel outside the country without government approval. we have more. michelle? >> it's an historical day, absolutely. there are thousands of people in line in cuba today. today was the first day where it was much easier to leave. before the changes that went into place today, peop
to say yes. ronald reagan and i'll say it, i voted to impeach the guy, bill clinton. bill clinton would always figure out that when republicans said something he agreed with he would tell people. hey, you know that's a good idea. they are right. and i guess as a politician that's what i don't understand about republicans these days. i always look for an excuse to agree with my political opponents. if they say something i agree with, i embrace it because i know that's going to give me a lot more credibility when i start talking about the debt, when i start talking about tax cuts, when i start talking about cutting regulations. if i can find something on gun control that doesn't offend my sensibilities on the second amendment, that are consistent with what reagan said and scalia said, that's great oil embrace that. i'll win votes from independent swing voters and then i win on the deficit. >> you can -- >> on cutting regulations. where it matters. >> you can still be a principled conservative. this is all music to my ears. joe i got to take a break. stay with me. we'll have you back. i wa
? >> i can that is certainly the ambition of the president. he said he didn't want to be like clinton. he wanted to be the way reagan was an change american politics. that is was the speech he gave in which you wouldn't think a blade of grass go e es grows up this country. >> a single blade of grass without government. >> he talked about collectivism. he said we are going to keep the deficits and raise tax rates on the rich. campaign city, here we go. i don't think this is specific. it was broad in general and appealed to a lot of universal themes. anyone watching that team will know that it wasn't ideal logical speech. it was an important speech. the is agenda was laid out in the presidential campaign. he won that. the american people voted for that. here, he was laying out the not very specific things he was going to do. but a vision for the country. he was dividing the gop. i don't think the president can take credit for the ambivalence that exists within the republican party. i mean how do you see this? >> there is no question you can't deny that obama wants to end the reagan era. but
, in ways you may recall bill clinton did so effectively at the convention. i also think that politically, you know, the president doesn't quite like to mix it up in these deals the way, say, his vice president i think very effectively does. i think that that's something that would be good to work out in the second term. >> great analysis. russ, what about investors at this point? what should we be doing with our money in the face of all of this? i know you like emerging markets and smaller countries. why is that, and how do you get a piece of that growth? >> the outlook for the u.s., i think we're going to have a decent year. it may not be great because of the fiscal drag. i'm confident, absent more problems from washington, the u.s. economy will expand. the question is, what do you pay for that? we've been advocating more of a position internationally. the argument there is not that there aren't problems in emerging markets or europe but that those problems are better reflected in the price. the s&p 500 trades at a price to book of about 2.2. it's roughly half that level in europe. >> g
. >> prime minister david cameron from the uk also said expect bad news. >> and hillary clinton warned as well saying we hope to get out of this situation with as little loss of life as possible. >> thanks, michelle. see you later. heading towards the close. 15 minutes left in the trading session with the dow. up 106 points. >> s&p 500 on pace to close at another five-year high. the dow could also land at a five-year high as well. our next guest says this rally is just getting started. that bullish call coming in next. >> and the government grounding the dreamliner until the battery problem is fixed. more coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] don't just reject convention. drown it out. introducing the all-new 2013 lexus ls f sport. an entirely new pursuit. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. executor of efficiency. you can spot an amateur from a mile away... while going shoeless and metal-free in seconds. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle...and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price.
worked on africa policy in president clinton's white house. now he runs a group called the enough project, that exposes war crimes. what keeps this war going? >> well, you know, follow the money. it's good old-fashioned greed. we got kings and corporations and countries that have been plundering the congo for the last century. and today's version of armed groups, rebel groups, militia groups, the government army-- they're all fronts for mafia organizations, basically, that extract these minerals and profit from their smuggling and export back to the united states and to europe for our jewelry, our cell phones, and our laptops. >> mafia organizations? what do you mean by that? >> because they don't have an ideology. they're not trying to build a government institution. the rebels are not fighting for any particular cause. they are extracting these minerals--like gold, like tantalum, tin, and tungsten--in order to sustain themselves as predatory organizations. >> is the violence increasing, decreasing? >> it spikes. it comes in phases, and it's very localized. >> one recent spike centered o
economics adviser as well as secretary under clinton spoke with cnbc's bernie lowe just today. >> everybody should, before meeting the debt obligations of the united states, and then there needs to be a vigorous and active discussion around what is a very real problem. the sustainability over the long-term of the u.s. financial position, which surely needs be addressed in a balanced way with both measures on the expenditure side and measures on the revenue side. >> phillip, how are you? >> i'm fairly cynical about the whole process. >> about u.s. politics? >> well, the other side, as well. i think you can make a pretty good case for abolishing the debt ceiling completely. that's not go to happen in the short-term. we've seen this time and time again. we know that these negotiations are being conducted across polarized camps in congress and the administration and that the likely event is that nothing is going to be agreed at until the 11th hour, right at the last minute spop i would have thought it's very likely that we'll get an increase in the debt ceiling at some stage. likewise, there wi
the administration of japan in that area. over the weekend, hillary clinton has just said that -- she didn't name china, but it was clearly who she meant, that known should try to change the status quo. and china is very unhappy. >> yes, of course. professor ching, i think it was the january 14th announcement that the people's liberation army should begin preparing for actual combat training, more -- and not necessarily meaningful in and of itself, but it does signal -- and this is important because it's not only japan with whom china has these territorial disputes. they have them with pretty much every single neighbor over islands in the south china sea. so what is your thought about that? >> well, they have active disputes with japan, vietnam and the philippines. and other disputes, also, with malaysia and bornea. but i think that the main dispute right now, the one that is really on the front burner, is with japan. and i don't know how this is going to be resolved because i don't see either party stepping down. and both driven by nationalism. there is rising nationalism in japan and we see tha
to try to bring the country together in terms of unity? i mean that's certainly not what bill clinton did. >> well, it is in the following sense. i think that the divisiveness you're talking about has a lot more to do with the kind of arguments that chuck was referencing, and those are obviously going to be problematic going forward. but if you actually look at poll after poll you find that the vast majority of americans are actually very sympathetic to gay rights, to equal pay, to, you know, anti-discrimination. even to gun control. so, i think the kind of unity that he was talking about yesterday was actually, again, very resonant. you didn't hear him talk, and interestingly he talked more about this in his first inaugural speech, about unity with republicans. unity with people who oppose him. i think here he's reached his hand out many times to have it slapped away. now we are going to have to figure out a way to move forward, just as chuck says. and actually there are a few sort of semipositive signs on that front lately. there's been a couple of arguments that have been resolved -- >
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12